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Hard Day’s night for Burnham Lifeboat

Burnham Lifeboat rescuing a stranded motorboat

Burnham Lifeboat rescuing a stranded motorboat

The Burnham on Crouch Lifeboat was called out to two vessels requiring assistance on Sunday 10th April in what turned out to be a 24 hour shift for volunteer crew members of the RNLI.

The D class inshore lifeboat first launched at 1651 in response to a call from a 22 foot motor vessel which had reported steering failure. When they reached the casualty, they found it had run aground on Bridgemarsh Island, near Althorne, and they would have to wait for it to be re-floated by the tide. South Woodham Coast Guard were in attendance to direct the Lifeboat to the stranded vessel.

In a separate incident, the Atlantic 85 then launched  at 18:15 to come to the aid of a speedboat which had run out of fuel on the South side of the Crouch, near Creeksea. This vessel was eventually towed into Burnham Yacht Harbour.

A crew aboard the Atlantic then returned to the first vessel at 03:40 on Monday morning in an unsuccessful to attempt to relaunch her. The crew of the stricken vessel confirmed they had enough food and water and were prepared to stay aboard the vessel. The lifeboat returned in time for the following high tide around 16:00 on Monday 11th and finally managed to refloat the vessel and tow her into Bridgemarsh Marina. In both cases the boats were brought back safely and none of the vessels or crews suffered harm. Several of the Burnham Lifeboat crew had by this time been on service for over 24 hours.

One such was coxswain of the Atlantic, Ian Scott from Burnham, who explained, “if there ever was a winter break it is well and truly over now! When we see a falling tide, especially a Spring Tide, on a Sunday night it is a fair bet some people will find themselves in trouble. As we approach the RNLI’s annual MayDay campaign it is worth remembering all the basic advice about setting out on a boat; have enough fuel, charts, food and drink and safety equipment to keep you safe and above all respect the water. This time no-one got hurt and it just meant a few people missed their beds last night, but you cannot take chances when it comes to safety on the water”.

Burnham on Crouch Lifeboat is actively recruiting new members, so if you would like to become a volunteer lifeboat crew, get in touch or come and see us at the Recruitment Open Day at Burnham Yacht Harbour on April 30th from 11am to 4pm.


Ian Scott, coxswain of the Atlantic 85


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