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Busy Bank Holiday

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Busy Bank Holiday Weekend for Burnham-on-Crouch Volunteers!

Saturday 27th May the pagers sounded at 4.20pm requesting our volunteer crew launch our D-Class lifeboat. Due to the high spring tides a motor boat had gone aground on Bridgemarsh Island which had become dangerously submerged under these conditions. Upon arrival a crew member waded ashore and quickly established that the seven persons aboard were all ok, but they needed to get them ashore as soon as possible. Another crew member waded ashore and assisted three adults and one child aboard the lifeboat, upon boarding they were then transferred to the awaiting Crouch Harbour Masters vessel. A second trip was then made to escort and pick up the remaining three adults and also transfer them to them to the Crouch Harbour Masters boat. The Harbour Master then transferred everyone safely ashore at Fambridge.

The crew relaunched at 1.30am on the Atlantic 85 to check that the casualty vessel refloated safely and wouldn’t endanger any other vessels. It refloated to an upright position and held fast on the anchor laid out earlier by the crew. The lifeboat put two crew aboard to establish a tow and retrieve the anchor. Once safely under tow the lifeboat took the vessel into Fambridge moorings to her waiting owner and returned home as the sun began to rise.

Pictures courtesy of Howard Sidebottom

Volunteer crew from Burnham RNLI on the Atlantic 85

Volunteer crew from Burnham RNLI on the Atlantic 85


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