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Busy week for Burnham-on-Crouch RNLI volunteer crew

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A tasking by HM Coastguard late on Saturday night 4 July, brought the number of shouts for Burnham-on-Crouch RNLI to 4 within a week.

Shout 1 Saturday 27 June

Burnham-on-Crouch RNLI volunteer crew were tasked at 4.08pm by HM Coastguard to recover and secure a small boat seen drifting in the River Roach with no one seen onboard.
The Atlanctic class lifeboat ‘Tony & Robert Britt’ was immediately launched and located the casualty within minutes drifting in the mouth of the River Roach.
The volunteer crew received word that the casualty had been seen earlier in the day with a lone male onboard. A RNLI crew member boarded the casualty vessel and discovered personal belongings onboard whereupon the shout was changed to search and rescue with Burnham-on-Crouch RNLI ‘D’ class lifeboat being launched at 6.12pm to join the search. Both lifeboats were later joined by the Coastguard search and rescue helicopter and an extensive search of the river was underway.
Documentation found onboard gave details of the boat owner. A call was made to ensure the owner was safe and well, unfortunately the documents belonged to the previous boat owner but with his assistance the current owner was traced and found to be safe totally unaware of the events happening around his boat.
Once it was established the owner was safe, the volunteer crew from Burnham-on Crouch RNLI secured his boat and were stood down and returned to station where they arrived at approximately 7.45pm.

Shout 2 Sunday 28 June

The pagers of the volunteer crew rang out at 8.13am when they were tasked to respond to a Mayday calls from a lone rower that had run aground in the Holliwell Point area of the River Crouch and was stuck firmly in the mud.
The Atlanic class lifeboat ‘Tony & Robert Britt’ was launched and the casualty located.
Following a close assessment, it was established that neither the rower or his boat were in danger so after ensuring that there was sufficient provisions onboard it was decided to leave the casualty in situ with the same volunteer crew from Burnham-on-Crouch RNLI returning later that afternoon to refloat the casualty at high tide.

Shout 3 Friday 3 July

Burnham-on-Crouch volunteer crew were tasked at 7.38pm to respond to a report of a 35’ motor cruiser entangled on moorings on the River Crouch opposite Essex Marina with a number of people onboard. Dover Coastguard additionally called upon the assistance of HM Coastguard Southend.
Burnham-on-Crouch RNLI volunteer crew successfully freed the entangled motor cruiser from the moorings and safely towed the casualty to the safety of the pontoon at Essex Marina.

Shout 4 Saturday 4 July

Tasked by HM Coastguard at 10.30pm, Burnham-on-Crouch RNLI volunteer crew launched their Atlantic class lifeboat ‘Tony & Robert Britt’ to assist a 17’ fishing boat with a lone male onboard in difficulty off Foulness Point.
Initial reports from HM Coastguard indicated that the fishing boat had run aground, however upon arrival on scene it was determined that the casualty had run out of fuel.
A tow line was established and the casualty fishing boat was safely towed into Essex Marina where they arrived at 1.35am Sunday morning, with the volunteer crew arriving home at around 3am.


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